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Reflecting on Viva Variety

For those who don’t know, the F3 management team and some of our very talented tribute artists were featured on the recent TV programme ‘Viva Variety’ on BBC One.

The programme followed various entertainment artists going through their everyday life, experiencing the struggles they went through, different problems that may pop up when out on the job, how they were handled and so on.

After a very anxious wait to see how the final cut turned out, we were extremely pleased with how the F3 team came across on the big screen for a few reasons.

Something we pride ourselves on is our professionalism, our high calibre of acts and our hands on involvement in as much of the F3 Entertainments’ performances as physically possible.


Although we are one big family at F3, there are times when we need to be the ‘big bad boss’ as it were, and this is something you get to see through the duration of the show. We all get along and like to have a laugh, but there comes a time when we need to put our foot down and make sure rules are being followed and the expected standards are being met.

Having high expectations of our artists is a big deal to us. Having been successful tribute artists for a long time, people expect the same standard of entertainment now that we are becoming an established entertainments/production agency.

So obviously, certain standards must be met, which is why we have a thorough vetting process before we allow a new artists to perform under the F3 banner.

There are many factors that come in to play when we are considering bringing on a new artist, and there is certain criteria must be met. If they do not check all the boxes then they simply don’t make the cut.

We like to make sure we are as involved as our schedules will allow us when it comes to our artists performances.

As well as managing all the artists, we are still active in the industry as performers as well, so this means that occasionally we can’t be there due to our own gigs.

We feel it’s important to maintain the hands on approach because it helps the artists improve their level of performance, which keeps their show polished. Sometimes you can easily fall into some bad habits, for example singing incorrectly which may damage your throat.

We hear this as soon as it happens and can help fix the problem before it causes the artist any problems. It is also good to have an opinion when bringing in new material to a show, we make sure that this is relevant to the artists audience and it makes sense with the rest of the show.

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To summarise, we feel that the show was a success, showed us in a positive light, and showed the quality and diverse artists we have working with us.

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