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F3 Entertainments Wow the VOWS Awards 2011!!

What a Night of Entertainment from
F3 Entertainments At the VOWS!!

Paolo Martini had the dance floor full during the soup course belting out Paolo Nutini Hits such as New Shoes, Pencil Full of Lead & 10/10 ten to name a few!!

Miss Gaga wowed the crowd & filled the dance floor again during the Main Course!! Her performance of Lady Gaga’s most recent hit You & I had everyone with their drinks in the air & hits like Poker Face took everyone back to the Monster Ball!!

Headline Act Feeva ” The Ultimate Party’ Sealed the deal with a highly energetic non-stop set full of Motown, 60’s, 70’s & 80’s Party Classics. They had the crowd jumping, clapping, singing & even dancing on the tables by the end of the evening.

In association with Hireaband this was an amazing event!!
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