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Timing is everything

You will probably find with many things in life that timing is crucial, and this especially applies when choosing the right time for your entertainment to come on during your event.

Nowadays so many of the events are tied up to a charity, so it’s really important that once the fundraising part of the evening, which is usually emotional, is over t he entertainment lifts the room and gets the dance floor full.

The organiser wants people to remember they had a great night and hopefully will come back again the following year and support the charity. There are so many similar type events, it’s important that the entertainment is memorable.

It’s also important to get the mix of entertainment right, if you are having something serious, make sure that’s early on so people remember the party bit of the evening.

You’ll find that if there is too many speeches and the auction takes too long, you can lose the audience to the bar and then it’s really hard to get the evening going.

Good timing of when to bring on your event’s entertainment will most likely ensure a night to remember for your guests.

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