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Music is a universal language…

We’ve been lucky that our line of work has taken us to many exotic places, and we’ve had the privilege of performing in some beautiful locations, but with this comes the language barrier, which of course has it’s difficulties.

Good communication is very important in our line of work, as we need to find out exactly what it is the client is looking for, so we can provide our services at the highest standard, and ensure that the event is a success.

One memorable story was when Feeva were performing in a hotel in Mallorca. We soon realised that the guests were all French and German and most of them didn’t speak english, however it didn’t throw us at all. Our shows have always included interaction with the crowd, so when we pulled one gentleman up to sing Lu Lu’s 60’s hit ‘Shout’ he then yodeled into the microphone! As you can imagine it was hard to sing after that.

With this client we had to make sure that we were speaking slow and very clear so that they could understand us, but the dance floors were full, everyone still took part in the evening and it turned out to be one of the best audiences we have performed to.

We have also performed for the Persian community in London at a few traditional coming of age parties, with guests ranging from kids to pensioners. The younger members of the audience were more aware of the music but the older generation, like the Grandmothers and Grandfathers, just smiled away, clapped their hands & danced.

Last year we also had the privilege of performing at an Indian business man’s 50th Birthday Party in Edinburgh. He wanted a 70’s Theme for his party so we performed our Disco Feeva show mixed with his traditional Indian Disco Music creating a fantastic blend of entertainment with our own Feeva Spice added to it. Again some of the older generation did not know the music but they danced, clapped & had a great time anyway.

It’s all about the songs you choose and how you perform that will make any nationality understand the music. Feeva have developed an accent that is pretty much understood throughout the world, anyone who know’s us asks ‘ What is that accent you have ‘ Answer is ‘Its the multinational stage voice’

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