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Themed Events


event themes have the power to set the tone, draw a crowd and make it memorable. The key is to select a theme that aligns with your objectives and embodies your brand.

Themes add an element of excitement and fun to any event. Attendees will get excited about a theme if it is chosen well. It will assist you with marketing the event and connecting with your audience.

When selecting a theme for your event, we recommend taking the time to choose something with wide appeal that will resonate with your attendee’s interests. Themes can relate to anything and everything. Our creative team can work with you on your ideas to create your perfect theme.

Some example ideas:-







Brazillian Carnival

Retro/60’s/70’s or 80’s

Candy Land

White or Black & White (or any colour theme)

Havana Nights




For themes related to a particular phrase, our team will help you to develop a logo and event identity around a strong colour palette. Reflect this theme across all the visual aspects of the event including tickets, programs, welcome signs, apparel, furniture, lighting, florals, giveaways and catering.

Designing an event where people will naturally want to snap and share is a great way to generate excitement and promote social media sharing. The goal in this instance is to use styling and props to generate maximum impact and get people engaging and interacting with the theme.

We suggest using backdrops, furniture and props that are consistent with your theme to encourage guests to stop and strike a pose. Adding a dedicated photo area or photo booth can also be effective in promoting social media sharing.

Pictures below are examples of what we can help to create.

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