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At F3 Entertainments we believe that Staging/Av & Lighting is one of the most important aspects of creating the perfect event.  Being seen, heard and creating the perfect atmosphere with lighting can be the difference between a successful/unsuccessful event.


The Importance Of perfect AV/Lighting:

The AV/Lighting set up will be one of the major expenses of planning your event, therefore it is so important to get it right:-


(Sound) Wither the event is set up for 30 people or 30000 people it is important that every person can hear what is going on clearly and at a comfortable level around the room or venue. It is important to consider your speakers/performers needs also so that the equipment is suitable and adaptable to all situations. (e.g Gala Dinner or Dance:- the AV’s must be adaptable to suit speakers, auctioneers followed by Musicians and entertainers so different versions of PA/Microphones and lighting may be required for each)


(Lighting) Lighting is often overlooked but is another incredibly important element of any conference or event. As well as ensuring everyone can see the speakers/presenters/entertainers, effective lighting is a cost effective way to liven up or brighten a dull or boring event space, it will help to create your desired atmosphere, highlight certain elements of your set up or theme, and or reinforce your brand colours.


(Visuals) Arguably the most important element of the AV setup at your next event will be visual. This element is all about ensuring your audience can see what you want them too. There are several factors to be considered that will determine the best solution. The size and shape of the room, the number of delegates and intended layout of your event.  When planning the visual setup for your next conference or event, consider what delegates will be able to see from where. Will people sat right at the back of the room be able to see a screen (whether it’s a main projection screen or a plasma repeater). Are there any obstructions in the room such as pillars which will obstruct the view? Will video or other media content be displayed, or will it just be presentation slides?


We have partnerships with some of the country’s best suppliers to suit every budget who provide state of the art equipment no matter how simple or complex the requirements and we will negotiate the best possible deal on your behalf. Whether you’re creating a global conference, a large scale gala dinner, a corporate meeting, charity function, private party, product launch, fashion show or a wedding, we will work our hardest to go above and beyond your expectations. Because it’s our goal to turn every event into an extraordinary experience.


We can assist with the following:


  • Equipment Dry Hire
  • PA, Screens and Lighting Hire
  • Mood Lighting
  • Outside Stage Hire
  • Outside Broadcast back up
  • Product launch set up and assistance
  • Technical Roadshow Expertise and more