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Choosing The Right Compère For Your Event

We’re going to share some advice we have when it comes to choosing a compere for your event.

What is a compère? They’re the MC, Master of Ceremonies. The person who will introduce artists, announce what’s happening through your event, interact with the crowd and basically kick of your night.

A compere with a sense of humour is always an advantage and the ability to be serious when focusing on the important cause for your event whether this be a charity or convention etc. This shows compassion & will help bring in donations but also lighten the mood at the same time.

They would need to be humorous to get the crowd laughing when interacting with them but also knows when to be serious when it’s needed. For example if the event in question is being held for a charity, keeping the room silent while they speak about the cause is extremely important, as this is what will bring in the donations.

In our experience having a compère working the event where he knows some of the audience helps greatly, this way he can interact with them and have a laugh with the rest of the crowd.

It’s they’re job to link the night, keep it smooth and most of all running to time.

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